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  • Black framed aluminium door
  • Aluminium threshold with sealing gasket
  • 180° interior and exterior opening
  • Very large door opening
  • Interior and exterior opening
  • Minimalist interior and exterior double handle
  • Magnetic door closing
  • Support bar for fixed panel
  • Interchangeable door and fixed panel
  • Height of 78 ¾” (2000mm)
  • ZittaClean stain resistant glass treatment
  • Reversible left or right
  • Tempered glass door and panel of 6mm
  • Pivots guaranteed for life
  • Vertical seals
  • Safe tempered glass with polished edges
  • Adjustment of the door panel level by the pivot
  • Adjustment of the fixed panel level by the wall extrusion (1 ” – 25mm)
  • Finishing caps on extrusions



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