Bellini- Shower column

Zitta’s built-in shower column takes functionality to a higher level. Our state of the art shower column gives you freedom of configuration, as it removes all constraints in regard to installation against exterior walls. To eliminate all risk of freezing, the connections are placed directly under the base. To provide the highest quality fittings, we’ve proudly partnered with Riobel, renown for their expertise.

The beautifully sleek and sophisticated column offers a range of body jets, a waterfall, a rain shower head and a hand-held shower, all controlled by a thermostatic valve. To maximize functionality, the exterior of the column includes a plumbing access panel and features a mirror finish and a robe hook accessory. Every components and aesthetic elements have been carefully designed to create a stylish and functional shower column, thus delivering the ultimate showering experience.



  • For 48″ shower
  • For 60″ shower

Colonne de douche