Our commitment is to provide easy to install and easy to maintain shower door systems and bathtub screens that exceed your design expectations. We have many different options that will fit your space, your bathroom configuration and your style.

Most of our shower doors are equipped with our brilliantly functional ZittaClip system which facilitates cleaning the door. All our glass doors and panels are treated with our ZittaClean. The treatment is crystallised on the door which increases its life span, making your life and cleaning routine considerably easier and faster. Our shower wall channels are either factory installed or adjusted onsite with a squeeze gasket, allowing for a perfect adjustment and installation.

At Zitta, creating and manufacturing a shower series is more than just assembling aluminum, glass and hardware. Each component is thoughtfully selected according to our very strict standard. Each of our suppliers is carefully chosen for a specific need, making sure that each piece is designed by the best engineers. To ensure that our products meet the highest standards, a multitude of tests are used to validate the quality of every component; corrosion tests on the hardware, UV and antifungal tests on PVC gaskets, cycling tests for the rollers and hinges, tempering tests for the glass doors and panels.